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I am an expat
and want to buy a property 

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Do you want more information on applying for a mortgage as an expat? Read on below.  Would you like to request a no-obligation mortgage consultation? 

Pexels ketut subiyanto 4474047

Also as an expat, you can take out a mortgage when buying a property in the Netherlands.

When buying a home, every situation is different. It is important that we look at your income and your needs during our discussions. As an expat, you may still have your own property in the country where you lived before. Is it rented out and have you documented everything well? When applying for a mortgage, this has to be explained in detail to the lender.
There are also options for expats from outside EU countries. If you do not have a permanent residence permit, let's see what your situation is and what options are available.

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What does this process look like?

1. Introduction meeting:

We would like to invite you for an introduction meeting so that we can map out your financial options. So that when the time is right you can buy your dream home;

2. Looking for your dream home,

what wishes do you have? It is good to think about this beforehand. You can call on the services of an estate agent during this process. Have you found the perfect house?

3. First you make an offer, is the offer accepted? 

Then a purchase agreement will be drawn up for you to sign;

4. Next step, the financing;

you have signed for the property. Together with our mortgage advisor, we look at which mortgage form best suits your situation and which lender offers the right match. We guide you through this personally. The mortgage adviser will prepare a mortgage quote for you;

5. Third step is signing the mortgage offer; 

if you agree with the mortgage offer, it can be signed!

6. The final step, off to the notary! 

 The notary has received all the documents. The transfer of ownership is signed by you and the selling party. Congratulations! 

Make it easy for yourself and request a no-obligation consultation with one of our mortgage advisers.   


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